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actor=Bartosz Bielenia

review="Corpus Christi" is the story of a 20-year-old Daniel who experiences a spiritual transformation in a Youth Detention Center. The crime he commits prevents him from applying to the seminary and after his release on parole he is sent to work at a carpenter's workshop. However Daniel has no intention of giving up his dream and dressed as a priest he decides to – minister a small-town parish

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ratings=7,8 of 10 Star

release Date=2019

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What is good and what is evil sometimes are not so clear and easy to define due to our cultural background and our moral code as society. This movie leaves us with the question; to what extent condemning evil, it’s not also creating more evil.

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This film could easily slide into an anecdote about a disguise that causes real change. However, it is a perfectly told film that asks important questions about the place of spirituality in a person’s life, and about the chance to make amends. Contrary to being embedded in the reality of the Catholic Church in Poland, it is a universal challenge for viewers who are not afraid to check whether a bad person can do good things and what is the value of spiritual transformation committed for low motives. Greatly played by a couple of young, yet experienced actors Eliza Rycembel and Bartosz Bielenia, while the rest of the cast creates a perfect background for the small-town world, which, although on the outskirts, is not a province.

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